Cardinals QB: Past, Present, and Future

Cardinals qb

The Cardinals QB position has a rich history, with notable players who have left their mark on the franchise. From the early days of the franchise to the present, the Cardinals have had their share of ups and downs at the quarterback position.

Currently, Kyler Murray is the face of the franchise, but there are questions about his long-term future with the team. This article will take a comprehensive look at the Cardinals QB position, from its past to its present and future prospects.

In the past, the Cardinals have had some great quarterbacks, including Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Warner led the Cardinals to their only Super Bowl appearance in 2008. Other notable Cardinals QBs include Jim Hart, Neil Lomax, and Carson Palmer.

The falcons depth chart has undergone significant changes this offseason. With the addition of several key free agents and the departure of some veterans, the Falcons are expected to field a more competitive team in 2023.

Overview of Cardinals QB Position

The Arizona Cardinals have had a storied history at the quarterback position, with several notable players leading the team to success. In recent years, the Cardinals have struggled to find consistency at the position, but they hope to have found their franchise quarterback in Kyler Murray.

Murray has shown flashes of brilliance in his first three seasons with the Cardinals, but he has also been plagued by injuries. If Murray can stay healthy and continue to develop, he has the potential to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

However, if Murray is unable to stay healthy or take the next step in his development, the Cardinals may need to look for a replacement.

Past Cardinals QBs

QB Years Stats Accomplishments
Jim Hart 1966-1973 12,089 passing yards, 72 TDs Led the Cardinals to their first Super Bowl appearance in 1975
Neil Lomax 1988-1997 18,946 passing yards, 106 TDs Led the Cardinals to their first playoff victory in 1998
Kurt Warner 2005-2009 12,324 passing yards, 98 TDs Led the Cardinals to Super Bowl XLIII

Current Cardinals QB Situation

Kyler Murray is entering his fourth season with the Cardinals, and he is coming off a season in which he threw for 3,787 yards and 24 touchdowns. Murray also rushed for 423 yards and five touchdowns. Murray is a dynamic playmaker who can beat defenses with his arm and his legs.

However, he has also been plagued by injuries, missing three games in 2021 with an ankle injury.

Murray is entering the final year of his rookie contract, and the Cardinals are expected to offer him a long-term extension this offseason. If Murray can stay healthy and continue to develop, he has the potential to be the Cardinals’ franchise quarterback for many years to come.

Potential Cardinals QB Replacements

QB Strengths Weaknesses
Kenny Pickett Accurate passer, good decision-maker Lacks arm strength, not very mobile
Matt Corral Dual-threat quarterback, good runner Small size, injury concerns
Sam Howell Strong arm, good size Accuracy issues, needs to develop

Conclusion: Cardinals Qb

Cardinals qb

The Cardinals QB position is in a state of flux. Murray is a talented player, but there are concerns about his durability and leadership. The Cardinals may need to look for a replacement for Murray in the near future. There are several potential replacements available, including free agents and draft prospects.

The Cardinals will need to make a decision on Murray’s future soon, as his contract is up after the 2023 season.