Tengelmann Group CEO Erivan Haub Dies at 80

Erivan haub death – Erivan Haub, the CEO of the Tengelmann Group, passed away at the age of 80. Haub was a prominent figure in the business world, leading the Tengelmann Group to great success. His death has left a significant void in the business community and beyond.

Haub was born in 1942 in Germany. He studied economics and law at the University of Cologne. After graduating, he joined the Tengelmann Group, which was founded by his grandfather in 1867. Haub quickly rose through the ranks of the company, becoming CEO in 1984.

Biography of Erivan Haub: Erivan Haub Death

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Erivan Haub was a German businessman and the former head of the Tengelmann Group, a privately held retail and wholesale conglomerate. Born on May 21, 1932, in Cologne, Germany, he was the son of Karl-Erivan Haub and Hilde Schnitzler.

Haub received his education at the University of Cologne, where he studied economics. After graduating, he joined the Tengelmann Group in 1956 and quickly rose through the ranks. In 1968, he became the head of the group and led it for over four decades.

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Under Haub’s leadership, the Tengelmann Group expanded significantly, becoming one of the largest retailers in Europe. He oversaw the acquisition of several major companies, including the American discount store chain Aldi.

Cause of Death, Erivan haub death

Erivan Haub passed away on March 5, 2018, at the age of 85. The official cause of death was not publicly disclosed, but it is believed that he died of natural causes.

Haub’s death was a sudden and unexpected loss for the Tengelmann Group and the business community. He was widely respected for his business acumen and his dedication to the company.

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Impact on the Tengelmann Group

The death of Erivan Haub had a significant impact on the Tengelmann Group. Haub had been the driving force behind the company’s success, and his absence left a void in the organization.

In the wake of Haub’s death, the Tengelmann Group appointed Karl-Erivan Haub, Erivan’s son, as the new head of the company. Karl-Erivan Haub had been working in the company for several years and was seen as a capable successor.

Under Karl-Erivan Haub’s leadership, the Tengelmann Group has continued to grow and expand. The company has made several new acquisitions and has entered new markets.

Legacy and Philanthropy

Erivan Haub was a successful businessman and a generous philanthropist. He was a major supporter of education and the arts. He also established the Erivan Haub Foundation, which supports a variety of charitable causes.

Haub received numerous awards and honors during his lifetime, including the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Business Leader of the Year Award.

Public Reaction and Media Coverage

The death of Erivan Haub was met with sadness and regret from the business community and the public. He was widely respected as a successful businessman and a generous philanthropist.

The media coverage of Haub’s death was generally positive. He was portrayed as a visionary leader who had made a significant contribution to the business world.

Ultimate Conclusion

Erivan haub death

Haub was a respected and admired leader. He was known for his strategic vision and his commitment to social responsibility. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and colleagues.