Jamal Murray Stats: A Statistical Deep Dive into His NBA Career

Jamal murray stats

Jamal Murray stats reveal a dynamic and talented point guard who has emerged as a rising star in the NBA. From his impressive scoring prowess to his exceptional playmaking abilities, Murray’s statistical profile paints a picture of a player with immense potential and a bright future.

Throughout his five seasons in the league, Murray has consistently showcased his offensive firepower, averaging over 17 points per game. His ability to create his own shot and knock down shots from all over the court makes him a formidable threat on the offensive end.

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Jamal Murray: Statistik dan Profil Pemain

Jamal Murray adalah seorang point guard berbakat yang saat ini bermain untuk Denver Nuggets. Ia dikenal dengan kemampuan mencetak golnya yang luar biasa, playmaking yang tajam, dan atletismenya yang luar biasa. Murray telah membuat dampak signifikan pada Nuggets sejak direkrut pada tahun 2016.

Statistik Musim, Jamal murray stats

Berikut adalah statistik Jamal Murray dari lima musim terakhir:






2016-17 78 9.9 2.1 2.0
2017-18 81 16.7 3.7 3.2
2018-19 75 18.2 4.8 3.9
2019-20 55 18.5 4.8 4.0
2020-21 48 21.2 4.8 4.0

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