When Do the Seahawks Pick in the Draft?

When do the seahawks pick in the draft

When do the Seahawks pick in the draft? This question is on the minds of many Seattle Seahawks fans as the NFL Draft approaches. The Seahawks have a number of needs to address, and their draft position will play a big role in determining how they approach the draft.

The Seahawks currently hold the 20th overall pick in the first round of the draft. They also have picks in the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds.

NFL Draft Order

The NFL Draft order is determined through a combination of regular season records and tiebreakers. Teams with the worst records receive the highest draft picks, while teams with the best records receive the lowest draft picks.

The following table shows the current draft order for all 32 NFL teams:

Round Pick Team
1 1 Houston Texans
1 2 Chicago Bears
1 3 Arizona Cardinals
1 4 Indianapolis Colts
1 5 Denver Broncos

Seahawks Draft History: When Do The Seahawks Pick In The Draft

When do the seahawks pick in the draft

The Seahawks have had a mixed draft history in recent years. They have made some key selections, such as Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner, but they have also had some misses, such as Germain Ifedi and Malik McDowell.

The following table summarizes the Seahawks’ draft picks from the past 5 years:

Round Overall Pick Player
1 10 Russell Wilson
1 15 Bobby Wagner
1 26 Germain Ifedi
1 27 Malik McDowell
1 31 L.J. Collier

Seahawks Draft Needs

The Seahawks have several pressing needs heading into the draft. They need to improve their offensive line, add depth to their defense, and find a long-term replacement for quarterback Russell Wilson.

The following is a detailed analysis of the Seahawks’ roster and depth chart:

  • Offensive line: The Seahawks have struggled to protect Russell Wilson in recent years. They need to add at least one starting-caliber offensive lineman in the draft.
  • Defensive line: The Seahawks have a solid defensive line, but they need to add some depth. They could use a pass-rusher and a run-stuffer in the draft.
  • Linebacker: The Seahawks have a solid linebacker corps, but they need to add some depth. They could use a coverage linebacker and a pass-rusher in the draft.
  • Quarterback: Russell Wilson is getting older, and the Seahawks need to start thinking about the future. They could use a developmental quarterback in the draft.

Final Summary

The Seahawks have a number of options with their draft picks. They could trade up to select a player they covet, or they could trade down to acquire more picks. They could also simply stay put and select the best player available at their pick.

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No matter what the Seahawks decide to do, the draft is a crucial event for the team. The Seahawks need to make the most of their picks in order to improve their roster and compete for a Super Bowl.